Martha Tilston

'Survival Guide' from album Machines of Love and Grace.

Hang Massive

'Once Again'​

Cate Ferris

'How to do Magic Tricks' at Yellow Fish



Here is a list of the artists who have played at Acoustic Haven: click on 'About' above to find links to all their websites :)


The Adventurists

Alex Roberts

Atto Mul

Avalon Roots

Billy Bottle & the Multiple

Bob Hillary and the Massive Mellow

Brooke Sharkey
Bunty Le Joule

Cakes and Ale

Carrie Tree

Carrivick Sisters

Cate Ferris

Chartwell Dutiro

Chris Paradox



Dan Arborise

Daniel Marcus Clarke

Danu Fox

Diamond Family Archive

Donna Maciocia

Dunston Belcher

Fana & friends

Faye Houston

Fraser Anderson

Gaynor O’Flynn

Gideon Conn

Glorious Chorus
Hang Massive

Heal the Last Stand

Holly Ebony

Ian Cox

Ian Curror

Jackie Juno

Jamie Woon

Jane Taylor

Jez Hellard & the Djukella Orchestra

Joe Bone

John & Emily Langan

Jon Stein

King James Hymnal

Kuki and the Bard

Kyoko Tadaoka

Le Juki

Lee Westwood

Lou Rhodes

Luke Burdett

Mae Karthauser

Martha Tilston

Matt Petherbridge

Nathan Ball

Nemo Jones

Nessi Gomes

Nick Mulvey

Nick Prater & friends

Ombiviolum Orchestra
Peoples String Foundation

Phillip Henry

Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin

Rebecca Maze (Boe Huntress)
Red Foot Crow

Sam & Henry

Sam Alty

Sam Walker

Stevie P and band


Sun Return

Suzi Ro

Suzi Ro & Ayla

Tallulah Rendall

The John Langan Band

The Muel

Tom Gloynes

Tobe MacCullum

Tom Baxter

Tom Bellamy

Treva Who (aka Noisy Parrot)

Trio Tekke